About us

We aim to craft high-quality, approachable beer that our community is proud to drink. At Noble Roots Brewing Company, we hold a deep respect for great beer-- both styles perfected over centuries as well as new and innovative brews-- and we strive to continuously improve to meet those lofty standards. An unrelenting sense of curiosity drives us to mine the rich history of brewing, while looking forward into what’s possible. Community is at the center of all we do, and we are fortunate to be inspired, encouraged, and supported by those around us.


Noble Roots Brewing Company--like many contemporary craft breweries--can trace its origin to a kitchen stove and a stockpot. Those first forays into homebrewing in 2009 sparked a passion for crafting beers that moved us from five-gallon batches in the kitchen to a half-barrel system in the garage. “Brew nights” were--and continue to be--a family affair, and our close friends were happy to help us work through the fruits of our labor. The feedback, support, and recognition of those friends and our local brewing community pushed us to take the next step and found the brewery.



Alex falish

Co-founder / Head of Brewing Operations

Alex has been around craft beer since long before he could drink it. He may have enjoyed a few sips in Germany on a 2007 family trip, but it wasn’t until he returned to that country to study in 2013 that he really developed a taste for the stuff. Although Alex’s initial involvement in homebrewing was limited to bottling and capping, after his studies in Germany he devoured everything he could find on the art and science of brewing, and drastically impacted the way the family brewed. Alex also brings valuable skills from his work in logistics and supply chain management to the brewery. As a self-taught brewer, he revels in the recipe design process, which requires an intimate understanding of how ingredients interact to result in a memorable beer.


marvin falish

Co-founder / Head of Sales & Taproom Operations

Marvin already had two decades of experience in the beer industry under his belt when he started homebrewing on his kitchen stove in 2009. The hobby quickly developed into a passion, and from the beginning he invited friends and family members to swing by for “brew night,” and he continues to emphasize the importance of the community to the brewery. Marvin grew up on Green Bay’s east side, and along with his wife Jeanne, raised four children just a few miles from the brewery and taproom. He brings a wealth of industry experience and sales savvy to his role at Noble Roots Brewing Company.